About Us

About HostFilix

HostFilix was founded on January, 2019. We offer Premium Web Hosting , Reseller Hosting and Virtual Private Server solutions brought to you by premium hardware. Our main intentions is delivering enterprise level solutions at affordable prices. If you're thinking of moving from another host to us and find it hard to transfer all your files over, no worries, as we'll do this for you free! All you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for your site to be up while our technicians do the transfers - We care for all our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple and one that combines creativity with the latest research and development in the tech world. We are a very customer oriented company, putting our customers first and always focusing on gaining and deserving the trust of every single one of our customers. So, we Listening to our customers, staying at the cutting edge of the latest trends in tech research, and constantly developing better web hosting products and services which enable us to fulfill this vision better and better every day.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. To provide trouble-free, customer-focused, reliable, and affordable web hosting services. WE simply want to continue to operate a profitable web hosting company that makes customers happy. Since the beginning, we have backed our rock solid hosting solutions and top-notch infrastructure with the best customer service and technical support. A common feeling about the technology field is it's all about machines, yes, It does take machines but, Host Pair also knows it takes good people to run a well oiled machine. Yes, a successful business needs to be committed to client solutions, innovation, creativity and a warm, caring attitude to all of our customers' business needs. We don't just provide 24x7 support. we really do listen and care.

Full Root

All VPS and dedicated hosting packages offer full root access. ... and cPanel with the CentOS-based OpenVZ VPS and dedicated web hosting package

Scalable Ram

VPS And Dedicated Hosting plans offer scalable server resource allocation based on ... RAM, CPU, & SSD/HDD storage that can provide better performance

Weekly Backups

We pride ourselves on ensuring weekly backups for our shared web hosting customers. It provides our customers with the flexibility and peace ..

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Our Great Story

HostFilix were founded in 2018 and we have provided powerful, reliable web services and desktop solutions ever since – all backed by responsive support. We’re not saying we are industry leaders, but we are offering the best technology and unsurpassed technical support.

Fast Growing Company

HostFilix is one of the fastest growing companies in the web hosting industry.

Professional Team

HostFilix - 24/7 support. free 1-click installs for blogs, e-commerce, and more. get a website.

Lovely Support

24x7 Technical Support Service. Anyone can easily have the benefits of a top–quality 24x7 technical support.

24h LiveChat

Our Customer Care team is among the highest-rated support squads online, fast, multi-skilled and helpful. Available 24/7.

Cloud Technology

Cloud computing is the practice of storing, managing and processing data on a network of servers hosted on the Internet..